I’m holding out for a new house before investing in a new bed. It’s a silly moment to stand my ground, but while our mattress game sucks — a popped coil digs into my back, and our foam topper pad is half-gone from when Piper ate chunks of it as a puppy in a fit of […]

Since I shared my last playlist, mother earth has given us three seasons. (Sorry!) Here’s some notable things I’ve done since (which I’m hoping can explain why I’ve failed to post music lately): I taught design and illustration at Sheridan I wrote 200 blog posts (some here, but most o

Everything I’ve been loving for the past month — from hand-formed plates and baseball caps to nail polish, sugar and salt. (Click the photos to visit the links to shop my loved items yourself.) https://youtu.be/ZT3K83MXVfw 1. Tinted and smoked glass jugs and beverage ware Move aside boring, clear

Guys, my backyard is so so dope. I’m tickled pink — err, black. [If you’ve been following along with my backyard renovation, you know how junky and dysfunctional the space used to be. (And if you missed it, check out the full before post here and my shopping list here and a cost breakdown he