1 Winter White Salad, 2 Sherpa Polar Fleece Jackets I Love, and 3 Shows You Need To Watch on Netflix Now

As we come out of winter, I’m excited to bite into some fresher dishes like this winter white salad). I favour warmer meals over winter (an Ayurvedic practice I try to live by), but I’m kind of getting sick of rice and quinoa bowls… When you’re gluten-free, it’s almost a daily occurrence that one meal be rice or quinoa based, so as we head into an early spring (according to all the hedgehogs out there), here’s looking at earlier sunrises, more salads, and less slush!

Kicking off this week’s links and likes are three Netflix series that had us hooked and that we binged recently. Love Is Blind follows a a set of girls and guys as they date between walls, never physically being able to see or touch each other until they either get engaged, or don’t. It’s kind of everything you love about The Bachelor, Big Brother, Love Island and Married at First Sight. It’s addictive, and we are itching to see how it pans out for the couples! Oh my gosh….. Another series we devoured was The Pharmacist, which I talked about in last week’s Links + Likes. As for one we’re keen to watch that has won awards already, is Horse Girl starring Alison Brie.

With two weeks until we get the keys and begin renovations on our home, here’s what’s catching my attention this week:

We’re trying to nail down just the right paint colour for the kitchen cabinets (see our loose kitchen design plans), and the photo above comes close. Maybe a little softer, and a tad less brown and more green.

We’re going with black windows in the cabin, and I love how they look with wood, like in this lovely nook. [Angela Wheeler]

We just finished packing all of our wall art, and I can’t wait to see what works and what doesn’t in the new space. I kind of hope we have wall space left afterwards for one of Bryan Nash Gill‘s woodcut prints.

I was playing around with some new fonts the other day and made this BALANCE graphic, threw it on a photo I took of Shannon Falls here in Squamish, BC, and called it part of today’s post! (If you’re interested in my creative services, check them out in my site menu. I also added a press/media page)

Camel brown and spots? Yes. Shop this polar-fleece snap-up jacket.

A also can’t get enough of this pink Mini Sherpa Fleece Puffer Jacket.

The sweetest pupper illustration by Tess Smith Roberts.

We’re already thinking through to the accessories we’re going to outfit our bathroom in once we’re finished our cabin renovation, and with black fixtures (which we’re getting from Delta Faucet Canada), I think this black wall-mounted shelf would love divine on an extra wall.

And last but not least, I love these natural linen pendant lights that are new in my shop!

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